Green goddess juice
I am not a fan of the juice craze. It’s not exactly healthy and can cause a spike in your blood level. Making you go into hypoglycemic mode. Most of the pressed juices out there are filled with lots of fruit and our bodies turn that into sugar. Juices also take out the fiber which is beneficial for us. This smoothie turned juice has kept all of its fiber and is low sugar and can be made sugar-free. This will get your skin glowing and your tummy flat. Make these ahead and keep in mason jars. They last for up to 3 days.
  1. Add liquid and romaine. Blend . Then add rest of greens and blend it.
  2. Add the rest and blend. If you want it cooler add a handful of ice cubes. Not to many as cold fluids are not good for digestion.
Recipe Notes

Try it out and see how you like it. If it’s too much greens to hand add a few drops of stevia to help sweeten it or add a banana to it.

Add more water if its too thick for you. I prefer mine more watery.

Can double this batch and make enough for 3 days.

Make sure to rotate your greens and make sure it’s all organic.

It takes time to ween yourself off of sugar. Eventually your tastebuds will change and it will be sweet enough. Trust me:-)