Chia pudding bowl with berries & cream
I used to make acai bowls in the morning for my family and I. I thought it was a healthy choice and I would deal with bad sugar crashes afterward. I just thought I had fast metabolism and I needed to eat more. So I would grab a banana or apple. I had no idea how the sugar in fruit was effecting me. I traded in the acai bowls for my chia seed pudding. They are so good filled with fat, fiber and low sugar fruits. These bowls will make you have a nice and happy gut which in return makes your skin glow! Plus I no longer have sugar crashes. That’s a win win!!
  1. Add all ingredients to a mason jar and shake it up. Go back in about 30 min to shake it up again. Do this one more time if you can remember. Go to bed and wake up with chia seed pudding!
  2. This can be made anytime of day and takes about 3-4 hours to become pudding.
  3. To assemble bowl: Add a few scoops of chia pudding then top with my coconut whip cream recipe ( see recipe in notes). Top with berries, sprinkle coconut flakes, maca, and drizzle with cashew butter (or any nut butter).
Recipe Notes

A fun tip I learned from a girlfriend . Add maple extract to this recipe and it will have a maple flavor. It’s so yummy! Add 1/2 tsp to chia seed mix.

Coconut whip cream recipe